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HOA – Is this a PRO or CON on Roatan?

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Top 5 Benefits of Living in an HOA Community on Roatan

When you consider purchasing a home within an HOA for the first time, there are many questions you may have. The most commonly asked question is, what are the benefits of living in an HOA?

First, it is essential to understand that no two HOAs are exactly alike. The amenities/common areas shared, the HOA fees billed, the agreed guidelines to live by are all dependent variables in each community, and the individual benefits of these variables may vary from one homeowner to another.

In a well-managed HOA, there are numerous benefits, and below I have identified the Top 10 Benefits of living in an HOA on Roatan!

5. Architectural Controls

Residents are required to submit for approval any modification projects to the exterior of their home. The Architectural Control Committee reviews each submittal to ensure consistency and continuity with original community design standards.  Some neighborhoods on Roatan do have these controls to help maintain a cohesive look to the neighborhood such as Coral Views or Lawson Rock.  Currently, some of the CC&R (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions) even give build guidelines to avoid

4. Increased Community Engagement

Community gatherings and activities such as Sunset Drinks & Pool Days or Beach Fun Day bring neighbors closer together. Regardless of the community’s size, there is a sense of camaraderie and joy among neighbors at any community event.  When moving to Roatan, it might be a good way to meet new people, get involved in the community and start to have a web of contacts in the area.

3. Access to Amenities & Well Maintained Common Spaces

Many communities feature beach access, community pool, pathways, security, and grounds maintenance.  Some condo communities even include water, building maintenance, insurance or a generator.   In an NON-HOA communities, it is often more expensive to pay for a gardener, pool maintenance or security.

HOAs typically do an outstanding job maintaining their common areas and amenities. This includes manicured common area lawns, freshly painted walls, lighting that works and clean.  If the neighborhood looks good, the community holds the investment.

2. Financial Stability & Deters Nuisance Activity

A well-managed HOA has a reserve study in place and funds available for future common area repairs and capital improvements, thereby reducing the likelihood of needing a special assessment.

Each resident who owns a home in the community is held to the same set of standards for the upkeep of their home’s exterior, as well as the adherence to noise policies, parking restrictions, short-term rental guidelines, etc.

And the number one benefit of living in a well-managed HOA…

1. Helping Maintain Property Values

Since residents are held accountable to deed restrictions, homes and common areas are consistently taken care of and well-maintained. Having a well-kept home in a well-kept neighborhood is what makes living in an HOA desirable to a lot of home buyers.


Sample HOA Fees:


Cocolobo Condos – $3000/Year – Includes cable/wifi, gardener, security, common area insurance and management fee…

Iron Shore Condos – $3000/Year – Includes water, drinking water, propane, common area & pool maintenance, & gardener…

Palmetto Bay Beachfront – $4000/Year – Includes common area grounds, beach and pool maintenance, & 24 hour security…

Parrot Tree Plantation: $4866/Year – Includes common area grounds, hiking trails, road access, 24 hour security, beach and pool maintenance, and building maintenance…

Single Family Residences:

Coral Views – $1200/Year: 24 Hour Security, Paved access, under ground utilities, common area pool & beach maintenance..

Lawson Rock – $4194/Year : 24 Hour Security, 3 Community Pools, Beach, Dock, Small Gym, Paved Road Maintenance…

Light House Estates – $900/Year: Common Area Grounds and Road Maintenance…


Contact Krys Enger for more information or CC&R examples for condo communities and neighborhoods!  Stay updated with life on Roatan on YouTube!


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