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Welcome to Roatan Reef Realty, your go-to real estate agency in Roatan. Our mission is to help clients find their perfect investment property on the Caribbean island. We pride ourselves on our experienced and reliable agents who have been some of the best producers in the Roatan real estate market for years. Our agents possess extensive knowledge of the island’s customs and industry, and they are dedicated to making your property investment as streamlined and hassle-free as possible.

We understand that investing in property can be overwhelming, which is why we offer various online services to help you make an informed decision. Our MLS portal searches, open house videos, FAQ information, and Zoom chats are just a few examples of the comprehensive services we provide. Whether you are a local or foreign investor, our team assures you of the responsiveness, accountability, and knowledge you need to make the best decision for you.

So why wait? Take the first step towards your dream investment decision by contacting us at Roatan Reef Realty today and watching the YouTube videos to learn about the current market.

  • Krys Enger

    Founder & Agent

    Living the Dream Before moving to Roatan, I worked in Denver, Colorado as a successful licensed Realtor for five years. I came to the island on a few vacations and fell in love with the island's beautiful beaches, friendly community of locals and expats, the lush jungle, and simple island life. Once landing in Roatan, I decided to live the island life as a dive instructor exploring under water and teaching others to dive for my first year on the island. After a fun year under water, I moved into hotel management at a West End hotel, Cocolobo, for the past 9 years to help others enjoy their vacations and holidays!

    After a few years on the island I decided to invest in property on Roatan. After buying land and building rental apartments in West End, my partner and I continue to invest in property on the island. Recently, we have purchased new land and have a developed a small commercial rental space in West End. We have also purchased a small home for remodel and enjoy the building and remodeling process. Martin and I are happy to help give you ideas and contacts that have helped us in the process of building and remodeling!

    I have been selling Real Estate on Roatan for five years and have enjoyed helping others discover the island lifestyle with purchases of vacation homes and condos, retirement homes, investment properties, land, and businesses.

  • Susie Ebanks

    Real Estate Agent

    Happy to share my island paradise with you! As a native islander and licensed realtor, I am thrilled to welcome folks in pursuit of their Caribbean lifestyle dream, a reality on Roatan and the entire Bay Islands! Whether your next adventure be about: new beginnings, investment, retirement, or part-time vacationer; our vibrant Mesoamerican coral reef, turquoise water, diverse local and expat communities, white sandy beaches, golden sunsets, lush tropical flora and fauna all awaits you on this tropical paradise. With five years of experience as a licensed realtor on Roatan, over 20yrs in sales management, nonprofit leadership, coupled with my fluency in Spanish and English, I am fully equipped to help you find and purchase your dream island property or sell an existing one. Much has changed on Roatan since my family migrated to New Orleans, USA in the mid 80s in pursuit of a better life and where I went on to receive my undergraduate degree from Tulane University. I am ever so grateful for the opportunity those changes have afforded me to move back home, doing a job I love, and especially being actively involved in affecting positive changes in island communities.

  • Fernando Macpui

    Honduran, originally from the capital city of Tegucigalpa, Fernando Macpui has lived in Roatan for the past 15 years. Fernando came to the island shortly after graduating from university and he instantly fell in love with the island landscape and its amenities. Since then, Fernando has established a strong connection and involvement within the community and is proud to call Roatan his home.

    Speaking of himself: “I have great communication skills and work well with others. I’m a great choice because I’m honest, trustworthy and most importantly, I care! With that in mind, I take pride of everything I do, especially when it comes to representing someone else’s interests.”

  • Shannon Shuman

  • Scott Miller

    Meet Scott Miller, your go-to real estate agent on the beautiful Island of Roatan. Scott has a passion for quality and a knack for spotting amazing opportunities

    Having owned properties across the globe, Scott's eye for excellence led him to Roatan in 2011. Alongside his wife, he ventured into the island's real estate market, building their first home from the ground up. Recognizing the immense potential of Roatan, Scott dove headfirst into the local culture and community.

    Years of dedication have seen Scott undertake numerous projects, from homes to restaurants, and now, four unique developments are taking shape under his guidance. Drawing from his background in structural engineering and successful ventures in development in the United States, Scott offers a unique advantage as a real estate agent.

    Scott's commitment to elevating Roatan's building standards is evident in his collaborations with top-notch construction professionals from North America and talented local builders. By maintaining the rigorous codes and standards of North America with the expertise of local artisans, Scott is pioneering a new era of quality in Roatan's real estate landscape.

    With Scott Miller at the helm, clients can rest assured they're not just buying property;they're investing in excellent craftsmanship and a vision for a brighter, more vibrant Roatan.

    Whether you're seeking your dream home or an exciting investment opportunity, Scott's years of knowledge and expertise make him the ideal partner for your real estate journey on this tropical paradise.

  • Kirby Warren

    A Roatan islander by birth, Kirby Warren is happily married and father to three beautiful daughters. Having graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in Business Administration, Kirby is also a successful local entrepreneur, also bilingual fluent in Spanish and English. He established South Shore Adventures Zipline & Eco-Park on his family land near West Bay, Roatan in 2005.

    It’s Kirby’s deep connection to the island and its community that inspired his career in real estate. Propelled by the desire to bring fulfillment to the lives of his clients, Kirby feels a sense of genuine personal satisfaction when perfectly pairing Roatan properties with the right buyers.

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